Invisalign Scan

Discover Your Future Smile with Invisalign Scan

Curious about the transformation Invisalign® could bring to your smile? Chartrand Orthodontics introduces SmileView™ technology, a window to your future smile. Experience a digital preview of your post-Invisalign smile right from your phone. It’s quick, easy, and the first step toward achieving the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Instant Smile Simulation

With just a simple scan of a QR code and a selfie, Invisalign’s® SmileView™ technology offers a glimpse into your smile’s future. This innovative tool provides a computer-generated simulation, showing potential post-treatment results within just 60 seconds.

Easy to Use

Experience the magic of SmileView™ without any hassle. Point your smartphone camera at the QR code, take a smiling selfie, and watch as SmileView™ reveals what Invisalign® can do for you. Seeing your potential smile transformation has never been easier.

Begin Your Invisalign Journey

Inspired by what you see? Take the next step towards your dream smile by scheduling a complimentary consultation with Chartrand Orthodontics. Our team is ready to guide you through your Invisalign® journey, from initial scan to final reveal.

Embrace the Possibilities with SmileView™

SmileView™ from Invisalign® is more than just a simulation; it’s a gateway to a new you. While actual results may vary, this technology serves as a powerful motivator, offering a peek at the transformative potential of Invisalign treatment. If you’re intrigued by your SmileView™ results, our team at Chartrand Orthodontics is here to make your envisioned smile a reality.

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