Embrace Your Everlasting Smile with Retainers

Celebrate the milestone of completing your orthodontic treatment with Chartrand Orthodontics in Omaha, Nebraska. While your braces or Invisalign journey may be over, the journey to maintain your perfect smile is just beginning. Retainers are your smile’s best friend, designed to ensure your teeth remain in their new, beautiful position. Embrace the next step in preserving your radiant smile for a lifetime.

The Importance of Retainers

Retainers are vital in keeping your smile in place after orthodontic treatment. At Chartrand Orthodontics, we design custom retainers to ensure your teeth stay aligned, safeguarding the time and investment in your smile.

Customized Retainer Guidance

Transitioning to retainers is seamless with Chartrand Orthodontics. We provide tailored wear schedules and support, ensuring your smile stays perfect with minimal adjustments.

Retainer Care and Longevity

At Chartrand Orthodontics, we guide you on retainer care for lasting success. Simple cleaning and storage tips help avoid damage, ensuring your retainer supports your smile for years.


With your new smile comes a new responsibility—embracing your retainers. At Chartrand Orthodontics, we understand the significance of this phase and are dedicated to guiding you through it. Whether it’s adapting to nightly wear or understanding the nuances of retainer care, we are here to support you. Our aim is to make the transition smooth, ensuring your smile remains as beautiful and healthy as the day your braces came off. Remember, retainers are not just a part of your orthodontic treatment; they are a lifelong commitment to your smile’s beauty and health.

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