Meet Dr. Chartrand

Meet Dr. Daniel Chartrand: A Commitment to Excellence in Orthodontics

Discover the exceptional journey and expertise of Dr. Daniel Chartrand, an accomplished orthodontist serving the community of Omaha, Nebraska. Originating from Alton, Illinois, and further honed through advanced training with the United States Air Force, Dr. Chartrand brings a profound dedication and unique perspective to orthodontic care. He is especially passionate about airway-centered orthodontics, emphasizing personalized treatment plans that prioritize not only aesthetic improvement but also overall health and quality of life. Dr. Chartrand, along with his wife, Rachel, and their five children, is an active and cherished part of the Omaha community, enjoying everything from family reading time to baking. Welcome to Chartrand Orthodontics, where Dr. Chartrand’s commitment to compassionate and comprehensive care is at the heart of every smile we create.

A Personal Touch in Orthodontic Care: Dr. Chartrand's Philosophy

At the heart of Dr. Daniel Chartrand’s practice lies a deep-seated belief in treating each patient as a unique individual, deserving of customized care. His approach is rooted in a comprehensive understanding of orthodontics not just as a science but as a means to significantly improve one’s lifestyle and well-being. Drawing on years of experience and a keen interest in airway-centered treatments, Dr. Chartrand focuses on achieving optimal outcomes that contribute to both the health and happiness of his patients. Beyond his professional commitments, Dr. Chartrand’s life is rich with personal interests and family values, reflecting his well-rounded approach to life and dentistry. His dedication to excellence, education, and empathy makes him a standout orthodontist, deeply valued by his patients and colleagues alike.


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