Early Care

Launching Bright Smiles with Early Orthodontic Care

At Chartrand Orthodontics in Omaha, Nebraska, we champion early orthodontic evaluations and treatments to ensure your child’s smile is on the right path from the start. Recommended by the American Association of Orthodontists® at age 7, early assessments can lead to more effective treatments with less time and expense. Discover how our early care approach can make a big difference in your child’s dental health and well-being.

Foundations of Early Orthodontic Evaluation

By age 7, when the first adult molars appear, it’s the perfect time for an orthodontic evaluation. Dr. Igel and Dr. Chartrand assess how teeth and jaws align, identifying potential issues early. Early detection of malocclusions can prevent more complex problems, ensuring a healthier smile that’s easier to clean and less prone to injury.

Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment

Early treatment, or Phase 1 orthodontics, is not just about straightening teeth; it’s about setting the stage for healthy jaw development and preventing future dental issues. Our approach can address crowded teeth, bite discrepancies, and airway obstructions, promoting better oral health, speech, and breathing.

The Chartrand Orthodontics Advantage

Choosing Chartrand Orthodontics means access to advanced technologies and compassionate care. Our team is dedicated to creating a comfortable, understanding environment where every child feels supported. With our comprehensive early orthodontic care, your child’s smile is in expert hands.

I-CAT Conebeam 3D Imaging

Experience precision like never before with our i-CAT™ Cone Beam 3D imaging system. This advanced technology allows Dr. Igel and Dr. Chartrand to capture detailed 3D images of your child’s craniofacial structure in just seconds. It’s quick, comfortable, and incredibly safe, offering a deeper insight into their orthodontic needs and ensuring personalized treatment planning.

iTero® Digital Scanning

Say goodbye to messy impressions with iTero® digital scanning. This cutting-edge technology provides fast, comfortable, and accurate digital impressions, ideal for creating Invisalign® aligners and other orthodontic appliances. iTero scans ensure a perfect fit and outstanding results, enhancing the patient experience at Chartrand Orthodontics.

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