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Begin Your Smile Transformation from Home

Embark on the journey to a radiant and healthy smile with Chartrand Orthodontics, all from the comfort of your home through our virtual consultation service! We recognize the demands of daily life, and strive to offer a convenient and seamless start to your orthodontic care. Enjoy a complimentary initial virtual consultation with our Omaha-based orthodontic experts, Dr. Chartrand and team, who specialize in airway-focused orthodontic solutions. Kickstart your path to a beautiful smile today by simply submitting some photos – it’s that easy! Let us guide you with professional advice tailored to your orthodontic needs, ensuring a smooth and informed beginning to your treatment journey.

The first three pictures we need from you are headshots. See sample photos below.

Side (Profile)

Front (Smile)

Front (No Smile)

For these next three pictures, Dr. Chartrand need to see those back teeth (your molars). We recommend you ask a friend to help you take these pictures. Use those spoons (or your fingers) and really tug at those cheeks and get your phone close to your mouth to get these pictures. Also, make sure you have good lighting when taking these.


Right Side

Left Side

The final two pictures are of your upper and lower teeth

Upper Arch

Lower Arch

Now, Let’s Submit Your Photos!

Once you’ve finished taking your photos, click the button below to upload and submit them to our team. It’s that easy! Dr. Chartrand will assess your case, and we will be in touch!

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